SAG National Networking Forum Day #2: Funding panel

Since yesterday June 4th, Switch Africa Green (SAG) is holding its National Networking Forum at RAMADA HOTEL in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). As a reminder, SAG in a project funded by European union with the objective to support African countries in their transition toward green economy.

SAG National Networking Forum Day#2

After the yesterday official launch ceremony and fruitful experience sharing around the projects implemented in the country, this second day has started with a high level panel on green business funding. This panel was composed of about ten resources persons from UNEP, SAG, Government representatives, Heads of Green economy departments, Representatives from Banks, etc.

During around two hours, the panellists and all the participants have discussed on the important following topics: the existent opportunities of funding both at national et international level, the conditions to access to these opportunities, the constraints for the micro, small and medium enterprises, etc.

The main questions raised by the participants was mainly linked to the lack of guaranty required by the banks, the high level of interest rate, the weakness of the proximity between banks and MSMEs/OCB, the lack of knowledge of banks about green business.

After the discussion, the main conclusions the following:

  • reinforce des capacity of banks to have a better understanding of green business/economy,
  • reinforce the capacity of MSMEs/OCB on project writing,
  • multiply the opportunities for the stakeholders to share their experiences.

To finish the session, Mr M. Patrick from UNEP/SAG ensure all the participants that some important issues that have been raised are already taken in account in an action plan elaborated in collaboration with the Green Economy General Direction.

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